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  • Image of Billet B series Valve Cover
  • Image of Billet B series Valve Cover
  • Image of Billet B series Valve Cover

Billet B series Valve Cover


Beautifully machined out of a solid block of 6061-T6 Aluminum, the cover is not only lightweight, but fully functional! Extra material is added into the popular spots for breather fittings on the front and back of the valve cover.

A factory Honda valve cover gasket kit is all that is required to install this onto your engine. Each unit has a serial number engraved into the center of the unit, in between the #2 and #3 spark plug holes. Approximately 1/2" shorter than the OEM unit, and weighing just 5 pounds after machining. Each cover is machined in our facility in Phoenix, Arizona on US made HAAS CNC machines.

Optional female threaded ports for breather fittings are now available, choose from either No ports (not normally recommended), or two front female threaded O-ring boss ports, or two rear female threaded O-ring boss ports, or all four ports!

*Note - If you order this valve cover with no ports, you MUST have some sort of crankcase ventilation! A catch can with breather filters is HIGHLY recommended!

ALL SOLD IN RAW ALUMINUM (no coating, anodizing or paint)

Order now, as these are a limited edition product!