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Image of EF Cable to Hydro Converision Image of EF 3 Piece Front End Image of Brake Booster Delete, Clutch Master Adapter and Wilwoods Image of B and D series Hydro Pull type slave
  • Image of EF B Series Top Mount
  • Image of EF B Series Top Mount

EF B Series Top Mount


FINALLY a Top mount turbo manifold that will fit your EF! This is the prefect manifold for your built street car or your mildly built drag car. The EF is tough to work with because of its small engine bay size. Most manifolds out there are made to more popular chassis which have much more room to work with. This means you would end up having to cut your car up. We would consider this mostly a "street" manifold because you may be limited to turbo housing sizes in order to fit it all in. We still have a achieved a mid 10 second pass on our "race car" (10.790 @131 to be exact) with 460Hp on 91 Pump Gas

Constructed from stainless steel and CNC steel Flanges.

Limited Lifetime warranty

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