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  • Image of EF/CRX SIR style hood.
  • Image of EF/CRX SIR style hood.
  • Image of EF/CRX SIR style hood.
  • Image of EF/CRX SIR style hood.
  • Image of EF/CRX SIR style hood.

EF/CRX SIR style hood.

Sold Out

These have been one of our most popular items and very hard to keep in stock. We have been allowing preorders on out of stock items which guarantees the buyer one from our production. If this interests you please contact us. Other wise keep checking back to see if we have stock.

Currently sold out of Fiber Glass ($599 Plus shipping)

Currently sold out of Carbon Fiber ($799 plus shipping)

Remember Fiber Images SIR Style CRX and Hatch hood for US front end?!?. Well guess what? We tracked them down and BOOM! We now have brand new stock. We are also having them made in a fiberglass option too! Hasport designed their K series EF kit with the intention of using this hood. The company had production issues but we were able to work with them to get these back for you EF lovers out there. The K series engine is tall and the EF engine bay is narrow. There isn't a whole lot you can do about that but this is about one of the coolest adaptions. It has an SIR raised center styling yet fits the US front end. The biggest plus is that the hood is designed without a under skeleton which is where we find all the room for more activities. All the materials are sourced right here in the USA and of the highest quality. Unlike cheaper brands these wont yellow or fade. With regular maintenance they'll continue to shine. You’ll also get a 10-11 lbs weight savings over OEM!

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